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Fall Meeting September 29 at 2 p.m.

The Blooming Grove semi-communal German settlers of 1805, the Dunkards, were strong advocates of education. There first common gathering site, even before building the present-day meetinghouse (1828), was a space used in part for schooling. History records that ensuing generations, not only supported public education for children, but went on to have a creative hand in higher education, aka, Bucknell, Lycoming and Lock Haven.

The Junior League of Williamsport excellent book, The One-Room School " Lycoming County's Legacy records, between 1796-1967, records there were over 200 of these schools in the county.  At Blooming Grove's fall public meeting a panel will identify, respectively, the five and six schools of Hepburn and Eldred Townships: sites, usual architecture, heating, seating, education materials, "the school year", teacher salaries and their training. We will also discuss PA's "Free School Act of 1836 and how the Drunkard's handled this legislative development.

The panel trio: Barbara Fullmer, life-long Hepburn Township public educator, resides in an original Dunkard homestead, one building of which, became for a time an "Independent School', and she is also a Blooming Grove society board member; Connie Hepburn, an Eldred Township historian, has authored many articles in the society's JOURNAL and lives in Eldred Township; and Larry Waltz, President of the Blooming Grove Historical Society and Cemetery. After the presentation, the panel will engage the audience in dialog and story telling. Join us!

Museum Opening

The museum and meetinghouse will officially close for the season  on Sept. 29, 2019.

Please note - we are open anytime for viewing by simply contacting us, and we will gladly arrange a time to meet you for a tour.

New Exhibits

Please stop in and see our new exhibits relating to the area churches that the Evangelical movement has had an affect on these nearly 200 years. 

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